Samsung may drop the Galaxy Note category

Samsung may drop the Galaxy Note category

It was previously published that a company Samsung will cancel the Galaxy Note series from 2021 next, and now new leaks have confirmed this.

And the account (Max Weibnach) was published Tweet Through Twitter, he mentioned all the flagship phones that Samsung intends to launch during 2021, and the list is empty of (Galaxy Note) phones.

Max said: The South Korean company intends to launch four models of the (Galaxy S21) Galaxy S21, namely: (Galaxy S21 FE) Galaxy S21 FE, (Galaxy S21) Galaxy S21, and (Galaxy S21 Plus) Galaxy S21 Plus. And (Galaxy S21 Ultra) Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung plans to launch three foldable phones, namely: (Galaxy Z Fold 3) Galaxy Z Fold 3, (Galaxy Z Flip 3) Galaxy Z Flip 3, and (Galaxy Z Fold FE) Galaxy Z Fold FE. Three of the seven phones will come with an S Pen.

The famous Ice Universe account published another tweet confirming the absence of (Galaxy Note 21) phones from the Samsung map for the next year, and said: “An unusual mystery: there is currently no information on the development of the Note21 series.

Samsung has not yet confirmed its intention to launch (Galaxy Note 21) phones for the next year, but expectations indicate that the company will dispense with the (Galaxy Note) series, given that one of the versions (Galaxy S21) will include the stylus, which is the most prominent feature of the series phones.

Instead, Samsung will focus on launching the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at the usual time for launching new phones from the Galaxy Note series, that is, in the second half of next year.

With advances in mass production of UTG, Samsung has the capacity to produce 600,000 foldable screens per month, and plans an end goal of 1 million foldable screens per month by the end of the year.

Samsung may not sell as many foldable devices as it is in the Galaxy Note series phones, but the high profit margin for foldable devices can compensate for the smaller number of units. The (Galaxy S21) lineup could also get more sales.

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