Samsung is removing paid content from its store

Samsung is removing paid content from its store

Confirmed a company Samsung, in a notice sent to users who reside in the affected markets, is working to remove paid content items within the Galaxy Store in a few countries next month.

The free content remains available for download, but the paid apps are disappearing with apps that include in-app purchases, as well as paid Galaxy themes, starting January 26th.

The preliminary list of markets affected by this new policy change includes Albania, Azerbaijan, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Iceland, Moldova, Pakistan and Uruguay.

It is not known yet that Samsung plans to expand this strategy to other countries around the world.

An accurate explanation was not provided as to why paid content was excluded from the Galaxy Store in these regions.

It is likely that it has to do with the way each country deals with online payments rather than Samsung’s own policies, in order not to violate local legislation.

In any case, users of the Galaxy Store in these countries who have purchased the applications can download the purchased applications even after January 26th, by accessing the My Apps section of the store.

As for app developers, it is clear that they will have to choose between allowing their paid apps to be removed from the Galaxy Store in these markets or offering alternatives completely free, which is unlikely to happen.

It is reported that many mobile manufacturers have their own app stores where users can download apps, wallpapers, themes, and other content.

Separately, market research firm Gartner published a report on the smartphone market, with 366 million smartphones sold worldwide in the third quarter of this year, 5.7 percent less than the same period last year.

Samsung remains at the forefront, selling 80.82 million units and having a market share of 22 percent.

Samsung and Xiaomi were able to increase sales by 2.2 percent and 34.9 percent, respectively, as Xiaomi sold 44.41 million smartphones and had a market share of 12.1 percent.

Huawei ranks second with 51.83 million smartphones sold and has a 14.4 percent market share.

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