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Samsung is ready to introduce MicroLED TVs

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While LG and Sony have switched to OLEDs for premium TVs, it has followed a company Samsung is another display technology called MicroLED, and it uses small self-emitting LEDs to deliver the same deep blacks and intense contrast levels you get from an OLED, but without the limited brightness and combustion potential.

After debuting across the Wall group, the company is ready To provide MicroLED TVs to consumers at CES, starting with the previously announced 110-inch model, followed by the 88-inch and 99-inch models.

These new MicroLED TVs are still huge, but they’re much more manageable than retailers and shoppers.

And you can pick one from the store and have it installed in your home, without any help from dedicated installers, in stark contrast to the The Wall range, which requires professional setup and potential business days to hook up modular MicroLED panels.

This TV was clearly not intended for the average shoppers, especially when you factor in the potential cost of $ 300,000 for a 146-inch unit.

And with these MicroLED TVs, Samsung is taking a more familiar approach. The thin panels are pre-assembled, so all you have to do is lift the screen out of the box using the bundled fixing knobs and mount it on the wall.

These TVs are meant to be wall-mounted, but you can also purchase a separate bracket to mount them if you prefer.

Although it is already configured, there is a possibility that it will slip MicroLED panels are out of alignment over time, and you should be able to adjust them with a screwdriver, if needed.

And as for how these clusters look, Samsung claims it gets a finer score over the old versions of The Wall.

And as you’d expect, they are all 4K displays, and they support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and given that the panel itself is thin and delicate, MicroLED TVs rely on an external box for connection, like much of Samsung’s modern premium collections.

The company has not yet confirmed that it supports HDMI 2.1 or 120Hz refresh rate. Likewise, there is no information yet about response times or support for variable refresh rates.

And you can see up to four entries simultaneously on this MicroLED kit with Samsung’s multi-display mode. You can convert the 110-inch screen into four 55-inch panels.

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