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Samsung is preventing you from being tracked with its Galaxy SmartTag

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Announced a company Samsung believes that customers will soon be able to discover unknown Galaxy SmartTag trackers using the SmartThings Find service, which continues to evolve with improved privacy features and voice command updates.

And according to Samsung, it includes SmartThings Find Now more than 70 million assistive devices, which makes it one of the fastest growing services in this category, given that it launched in October of 2020.

The 70 million assistive devices number represents 10 percent of the 700 million eligible Galaxy users who can participate.

The feature, called Unknown Tag Search, is coming to SmartThings app starting next week.

Users can scan the vicinity for any Samsung tracking devices that they do not own, but which are moving with them or are in the public surroundings.

This feature is a huge safety gain, as it provides an easy way to ensure that no one is tracking you using a Samsung tracker that can fit in your backpack or coat pocket.

The move is intended for people who are concerned about the privacy or the security implications of trackers like Tile devices.

Samsung also announced that its voice assistant, Bixby, is gaining the ability to find Samsung trackers.

If you link Samsung tracker to a specific item and name it, you will be able to use Bixby to find it.

Apple currently has a similar feature to the Unknown Tag Search feature in the beta version of iOS 14.5, and it appears to be compatible with the AirTags that have long been rumored about.

And Galaxy SmartTag lets you identify lost devices using BLE and UWB, so you have to be close to them to track them in real time.

However, the tracker who is not near you can still be identified by other Samsung devices in range, which can anonymously test SmartThings’ network connectivity and notify you.

SmartThings Find, a prominent feature of the SmartThings ecosystem, allows Galaxy users to quickly and easily locate Galaxy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and headphones.

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