Samsung imagines what its augmented reality glasses might look like

Samsung imagines what its augmented reality glasses might look like

she was a company Samsung has been trying to enter the field of augmented reality glasses for years, and recently showed a very basic line of photo viewing glasses at CES 2020, but it was silent to the extent about building a real augmented reality device that can be wearable.

And WalkingCat, a fairly reliable source of hardware leaks, published Conceptual videos New that shows some of the things that Samsung Glasses Lite can do, such as displaying a giant virtual screen where you can play your games.

The glasses also allow you to relax to watch a movie within your movie theater, or give you a giant virtual computer screen, turn on the auto-dimmable sunglasses mode, or view a full-screen instant full-screen with first-person telemetry of a DJI drone.

The videos also show Samsung’s AR Glasses concept, which allows the user to see 3D digital objects appearing in the real world, similar to what Microsoft’s HoloLens offers.

And if you haven’t tried Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, you should know that reality is very far from the visualizations you see here.

Nowadays, waveguides, lasers, and projectors give you a very small field of view with transparent augmented reality glasses like these.

And if you are standing next to a virtual computer screen, you can only see part of it at a time, and the rest will be out of your field of view.

And Samsung imagines through the videos how to use the smartwatch to navigate the interfaces, and in the short term this may be more realistic than trying to click on objects that are not actually there or make gestures in the air with your hands.

Smartwatch control is also a model that other companies developing augmented reality glasses are considering.

Apple has a smartwatch and AR glasses in development, and the Facebook hardware division that builds AR glasses is now working on a smartwatch as well.

There is an incentive to explore these products even if they are years away from reaching customers, and AR is one of the next technological frontiers.

Companies such as Apple and Microsoft have poured massive resources into making it viable, and if Samsung doesn’t explore this area, they risk being left behind if AR launches.

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