Samsung has deleted an ad mocking Apple

Samsung has deleted an ad mocking Apple

Deleted a company Samsung ad mocked a company Apple for not including the charger with its latest iPhone 12 lineup, which is the same thing the South Korean company is rumored to do with the Galaxy S21 lineup.

The Samsung Caribbean account posted a Facebook post on October 13th containing a picture of the charger with the phrase: Included with Galaxy phones.

The announcement boasted that Samsung phones come with the best camera, battery, performance, memory and screens, and they also include the primary charger.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Samsung has deleted a mocking advertisement from Apple after adopting the same practice that it has mocked in the past.

And when the Galaxy Note 10 launched without a headphone port, Samsung deleted an ad mocking the iPhone X for not including a similar port.

And Samsung had an explanation as to why the headphone port was removed, and not including the charger could be very good for the environment.

Despite the embarrassment that might be exposed to the marketing department, Samsung can handle this better than Apple did.

And when Apple removed the charger from the box, it also changed the cable that came with the phone, as every previous iPhone came with a USB-A to Lightning cable, while the cable included in the iPhone 12 box was USB-C to Lightning.

Apple said: It has chosen to remove the charger from the box for e-waste, noting that most users own a charger.

Consequently, Apple’s argument that every previous user has a charger has been ineffective, given that a previous iPhone charger would not be compatible. With the included cable.

Samsung phones use standard USB-C cables for charging, unlike Apple’s Lightning cables.

This means that the cable that comes with the new Samsung phone works with the charger that came with last year’s models.

It is reported that the world was not shocked much when Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 lineup is coming without the charger included in the box, but some manufacturers of Android devices did not miss the opportunity to ridicule at that time the fact that their phones include the charger.

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