Samsung denies rumors about the Galaxy Note

Samsung denies rumors about the Galaxy Note

Denied a company Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday that it will stop producing the Galaxy Note series next year, saying: The flagship phablet line will survive despite the emergence of other premium devices.

Speculation has recently surfaced that Samsung may reconfigure its premium smartphone lineup with foldable Galaxy Z and Galaxy S devices after abandoning the Galaxy Note family that has been marked by the S-Pen features.

The sources familiar with Samsung’s plans told Reuters: The company has no plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021.

An anonymous Samsung official said Agency South Korean Yonhap News: We are preparing to launch the Galaxy Note series next year.

Earlier today, Wednesday, the head of the mobile phone sector in Samsung (Roh Tae-moon) hinted that the world’s major phone manufacturer plans to support the S-Pen among more Galaxy devices in addition to the Galaxy Note devices.

Industry officials expect that Samsung may make the pen available for the high-end model of the Galaxy S21 smartphone that is expected to be unveiled in January.

While some people have claimed that Moon’s previous hints indicate Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note series, the official has denied the speculation.

“Moon’s hints don’t mean the Galaxy Note series will stop,” the official said.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Noon series for the first time in 2011, and the South Korean company launched the new Galaxy Note 20 models in the second half of the year.

Samsung made the following statement: Samsung confirms its plans to bring some of the most beloved Galaxy Note features to more device categories in 2021.

She added: We remain committed to providing the best mobile experience for our customers and continue to actively listen and be considerate of consumer feedback in all of our product innovations.

Given that Samsung has not officially confirmed or denied any of these reports, it cannot be certain that they are true or not.

It is also possible that both sets of reports are correct, and there may be a Galaxy Note series next year, but it could be the last.

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