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Russia threatens to block Twitter after a month if it does not yield to its demands

Russian news agencies quoted a senior regulatory official as saying on Tuesday: Russia Tend to block Site Twitter within one month unless the US social media giant complies with the demand to remove the banned content.

The ban threat comes as an escalating step in the long-running confrontation between the Russian government and social media platforms that have played a major role in amplifying opposition in Russia.

Moscow said last week: It had slowed access to Twitter in Russia in response to what it called a failure to remove a specific list of prohibited content.

The agency stated that Twitter failed to remove more than 3,000 posts containing prohibited content, including more than 2,500 posts encouraging suicide among minors.

The platform responded by emphasizing its zero tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation, suicide promotion and drug sales.

Twitter said at the time: It was concerned about the impact of the Russian measure on freedom of expression, and denied that it had allowed its platform to be used to promote illegal behavior as claimed by the Russian authorities.

In a move to escalate the escalating confrontation, Vadim Subbotin, Vice President of Roskomnadzor, was quoted as saying. RoskomnadzorThe Communications Monitoring Authority said today, Tuesday: Twitter has not dealt with Russian concerns yet and will therefore be banned in Russia within a month unless it does so.

Interfax news agency quoted Sobotin as saying: Twitter does not interact with our requests as it should, and if the situation continues like this, it will be blocked within a month without a court order.

He was quoted as saying: Twitter could still avoid the ban if it took action to delete the banned content, which Moscow said contained child pornography and material on illegal drugs and child suicide.

The US platform came under pressure in Russia after it was named earlier this month as one of five social media platforms that was sued for failing to delete posts urging children to participate in illegal anti-Kremlin protests.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the United States of using information technology opportunities to engage in unfair competition, and social media platforms were accused of imposing arbitrary and indiscriminate censorship of content.

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