Robots are entering construction work in the Emirates

Robots are entering construction work in the Emirates

Started Robots Appearing for the first time on construction sites in the UAE, as you dig holes as a start, after I entered the field of cleaning in hotels, providing meals in restaurants and removing tumors in surgeries

And upon arrival at The United Arab EmiratesThe Jaibot semi-autonomous robot, the first of its kind in the UAE and GCC countries, is supposed to be used to drill holes with precision.

And the robot arrives in the Emirates As part From the cooperation of ALEC Engineering and Contracting with the European company Hilti.

The robot also sends updated reports to the production manager with data on the progress of operations, and relieves construction workers from mundane tasks, thus increasing overall efficiency.

Robotics development has been on the wish-list for technology-based innovations, ever since the concept of artificial intelligence became a reality.

In the past few years, robots have gained a niche in the hospitality and warehouse industry as the demand for e-commerce increases.

The pandemic has opened up more industries for robotic workers because people are looking to reduce human contact in hotels and public places, as part of social distancing.

The industrial adoption of robots comes months after machines manufactured up to 1,024 paintings of the façade of the seven-story Dubai Museum of the Future.

Robot-enabled devices have also been seen applying the rules of social distancing in shopping malls in the UAE, and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority added an artificial intelligence employee. Rammas Ranks for customer service.

Panasonic earlier this month unveiled its wearable robot, which can provide support for humans to lift heavy objects.

More than 77 percent of UAE workers said they would be more comfortable talking to robots about stress at work, compared to their manager.

Technology has made its mark in the construction industry in the UAE, where Sharjah is witnessing a home built entirely through 3D printing.

And it seems that drilling holes accurately is only the beginning, given the pace of adoption of artificial intelligence and modern machines in the UAE.

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