You are currently viewing RetroN Sq … a TV platform for Game Boy games

RetroN Sq … a TV platform for Game Boy games

Hyperkin is preparing to release a new legacy platform RetroN Sq that allows you to play games Game Boy Via the TV set.

The company is best known for making game peripherals, but it also makes versions of platforms that let you play old games with modern precision.

Until recently, there was almost no craze in the game industry for older platforms.

While these clones, which often come in smaller shapes than the original design, allow you to relive and replay games of the past, they were largely limited to the few games their manufacturers chose.

The Game Boy was one of the first portable gaming platforms of its era, enabling most young gamers to spend hours playing away from the TV as long as the AA batteries kept running.

Despite the big changes taking place at the moment for gaming platforms, this does not mean that the Game Boy platform is dead, especially when there are the likes of Hyperkin willing to keep it alive.

And unlike the Game Boy portable family, RetroN Sq square platform to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games must be connected to the TV.

The platform includes a single wired USB controller called Scout that has a similar shape to the SNES platform, and the back of the platform includes a microSD card slot, allowing you to upgrade the system firmware.

Instead of composite video connections, RetroN Sq connects to the TV via HDMI with games upgraded to 720p, and there is also a switch that allows you to switch the aspect ratio to 4: 3 or 16: 9, depending on your preference.

The platform lets you run Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges natively, while Game Boy Advance games are listed as a beta feature, but it doesn’t refer to compatible Game Boy Advance games.

Hyperkin’s RetroN Sq launches on March 25 for $ 75, and you can order the Platform Initially via the Hyperkin website.

The platform comes in two colors, Black Gold and Hyper Beach, which looks more like turquoise.

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