Removing the largest marketplace in the DarkMarket

Removing the largest marketplace in the DarkMarket

Stopped European authorities through an international coordinated operation from Europol DarkMarket, which is said: It’s the world’s largest marketplace in The Dark Web.

The market was considered one of the most popular havens for criminals looking to sell drugs, malware, stolen credit card data and SIM cards, among other things.

German law enforcement authorities have arrested an Australian man believed to be the operator of the illegal site, and confiscated 20 hosting servers, putting an end to what has become a hotbed of illegal activity.

Before it closed, DarkMarket hosted nearly 500,000 users and facilitated more than 320,000 transactions, according to Europol.

The dark web marketplace traded everything from drugs and fake money to stolen credit card details and malware.

According to an estimate by Europol, the site traded the equivalent of 140 million euros in money today, in a combination of Bitcoin and Monero.

European authorities plan to use DarkMarket servers confiscated from Ukraine and Moldova to investigate buyers and sellers who used the site in criminal transactions.

And DarkMarket was revealed as part of a larger investigation into web hosting company Cyberbunker, which has in the past provided servers For The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks

The DarkMarket case is a valuable starting point for future investigations into other illegal sites.

The past several years have seen authorities tighten their grip on dark web sites, such as DarkMarket.

The Wall Street market, another dark web market, faced a similar end in 2020 during a European investigation, and other sites, such as Empire Market, have completely disappeared, whether due to fear of prosecution or operators cutting their losses and taking money.

Many of the big sites, such as Alphabay or The Silk Road, disappeared as government agencies became more aggressive in hunting down these markets and better able to understand how they operated.

“The shared commitment across the worldwide law enforcement community and the coordinated approach from law enforcement agencies have once again proven their effectiveness, and the scale of the operation demonstrates the global commitment to addressing the use of the dark web as a vehicle for crime,” Europol said in a statement on the process.

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