Red Hat makes drastic changes to CentOS

Red Hat makes drastic changes to CentOS

Many users of the distro protested Linux Named CentOS when Announced Red Hat, main company For distroOf a radical project change that left a large number of open source companies, especially web hosts, in trouble.

CentOS is a reconstructed version of the paid product Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the two projects coexisted peacefully before and after Red Hat’s acquisition of CentOS in 2014.

And (Gregory Kurtzer), the co-founder of CentOS, announced that he intends to build his own version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux under the name Rocky Linux.

Kurtzer, who is CEO and founder of the emerging computing company, said Control Command: I was shocked like the rest of the community by the news from Red Hat.

“When I started CentOS 16 years ago, I never imagined the amazing reach and impact that a distro could have around the world for individuals and companies who rely on a Linux distribution.

There are many major companies that use and rely on the CentOS distribution, and the list includes names such as: Disney, GoDaddy, RackSpace, Toyota and Verizon.

Other important tech companies are building products around CentOS, and these include GE, Riverbed, F5, Juniper and Fortinet.

These companies are worth billions of dollars, and executives at several of these companies said: They are not happy at all and are looking for alternatives.

While some of these companies are considering switching to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, others are looking at other Linux distributions.

Canonical’s Ubuntu was the most mentioned, and some of those companies may now consider Rocky Linux.

In response to this unexpected transformation, Kurtzer said, I announce the launch of a new project called Rocky Linux in honor of the Co-founder of CentOS (Rocky McGough).

He added: I started by inviting the global community to participate, and forming a team to reinforce our founding commitment to ensuring the smooth continuation of the business operations of companies using CentOS 8 beyond 2021.

Kurtzer explained that he witnessed a massive response from thousands of enthusiastic supporters to join the project in just one day, and there were more than 650 potential contributors to the project.

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