Razer created a concept for the N95 mask with RGB

She claims a company Razer has created the world’s smartest reusable N95 mask called Project Hazel.

Project Hazel is a conceptual design with a shiny outer shell made of recycled plastic that is water- and scratch-resistant, and is transparent to allow lip reading and facial signs to be seen when chatting with people.

There is currently no price or release date attached, and Razer points to Project Hazel as the world’s smartest reusable N95 mask.

The mask has not yet obtained any of the necessary approvals and certificates from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Razer said she is working with a team of medical experts and scientists who are helping to develop the mask.

The main features of this mask are the two circular areas surrounding your mouth that are used for ventilation, giving the device an almost futuristic look of a gas mask.

Razer claims that Project Hazel uses active ventilators to purify the air that is inhaled, as well as the carbon dioxide that is exhaled.

The company explains that Project Hazel is able to filter 95 percent of airborne particles, including the Corona virus and other common pathogens.

Active ventilation devices are prepared Detachable and rechargeable, though Razer is still scrutinizing details about two very important factors: how long the ventilators are effective and how to alert the user when it’s time to use a new item.

It still has a longevity Ventilation devices Under testing, Razer envisions users being notified via a companion mobile app when they need to change filters.

Microphones and amplifiers built into ventilators project your voice through the mask, and they work Razer is with audio engineers at THX to find a balance in terms of the volume level that your speakers should be for accessibility purposes.

And Razer maintains that Project Hazel is comfortable despite all the technology inside The mask creates a seal around your nose and chin with a silicone shield, and uses adjustable ear loops so most people can find the right size.

The mask supports Chroma RGB lighting, so each ring of the ventilators can glow with the amplifier in the color of your choice.

And when it gets dark, a group of LED lights are automatically activated to illuminate your mouth so others can see you speak.

Razer envisions each Project Hazel mask including a large shipping box that sterilizes the mask by lighting up UV rays when not in use.

Razer has another CES 2021 advert, a purely conceptual ad called Project Brooklyn, which is a high-end gaming chair with built-in feedback and a foldable, curved OLED screen.

In theory, the chair supports input from all gaming sources, making it a gaming terminal.

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