Ravn X .. a satellite launch drone

Ravn X .. a satellite launch drone

Revealed Emerging Aevum unveils the Ravn X, its drone designed to carry Satellites And launch it in low Earth orbit.

The Ravn X weighs about 25,000kg at full payload, making it one of the heaviest drones in existence today.

The drone promises to put its payload into low Earth orbit in about three hours, a fact Aevum claims allows it to shorten satellite launch times from years to months.

The Ravn X is not much different from other aircraft, in that it only takes about one mile from the runway to get in the air, allowing it to take off from nearly any commercial airport.

It also uses the same fuel as conventional jets, measuring 24 meters in length, 5.5 meters in height and 18 meters in wingspan.

After the Ravn X has reached the appropriate altitude, the missile it is carrying inside is dropped and ignites in about half a second.

When the drone finishes delivery, it returns to the airport to prepare for another launch.

Aevum says 95 percent of the launch vehicle will be reusable, but it is now able to use about 70 percent again.

The company was founded by (Jay Skylus) in June 2016, after working for a few years at NASA and several commercial space companies, including Boeing and Firefly Aerospace.

Aevum has developed a missile capable of delivering up to 100 kg to about 500 km of sun-synchronous orbit.

This missile contains two liquid-fuel engines in its main stage, each with 5,000 pounds of thrust and one engine in the upper stage.

There is also a group of other companies working to launch rockets into space from aircraft, such as Virgin Orbit, which has not successfully completed the test launch.

Ravn X’s first mission sees an attempt to put the USAF’s ASLON-45 satellite into orbit sometime next year.

Aevum claims to have won launch contracts worth more than $ 1 billion over the next decade, and the company says the Ravn X represents a new model for placing rockets in space.

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