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Ransomware attacks against Quanta target Apple

While it was a company Apple reveals its latest lines of new iPad and iMac devices in the United States, one of its main suppliers, Quanta, has been under attack by a ransom demand from a Russian operator, who is said to have stolen plans for the latest products of the American technology company.

The group of ransomware attacks REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, published a blog post on its website in the dark web saying that it had penetrated the computer network For a company Taiwan’s Quanta, a major supplier to Apple, mostly makes MacBooks, and it also produces goods for the likes of HP, Facebook and Google.

On Sunday, REvil announced that the group was about to announce the largest attack ever, and the post was published in Russian via a channel in which REvil is recruiting new people.

On April 20, REvil’s Happy Blog – a site on which the group publicly names victims in hopes of paying the ransom – announced that Quanta was the new victim.

The group said it had postponed disclosing the Quanta hack until the date of Apple’s last big disclosure, and added that the Taiwanese company had shown no interest in pushing to recover the stolen data.

Quanta acknowledged the attack, without clarifying whether its data was stolen or not, and said in a statement: Our information security team worked with external IT experts to respond to cyber attacks on a small number of our servers.

She added: We have informed the law enforcement related data protection authorities regarding the newly observed abnormal activities, and there is no material impact on the company’s business operations.

By the time Apple’s product launches ended, REvil had published blueprints for a new laptop, including 15 images detailing what appears to be a MacBook designed in March 2021.

The images include serial numbers, sizes, and specific capabilities of the components detailing the many parts of the business inside an Apple laptop.

One of the photos was signed by Apple designer John Andreadis on March 9, 2021.

REvil is now trying to blackmail Apple to take advantage of the stolen data, and has asked the iPhone manufacturer to pay the ransom by May 1, and REvil said: Until then, it continues to publish new files every day.

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