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Qualcomm is required to pay $ 680 million to phone owners

After a series of antitrust fines for abuse of power, Facing a company Qualcomm is now a lawsuit from consumers that may make it forced to compensate phone owners in the United Kingdom.

And charging Collection British Consumer Protection? Chipmaker Qualcomm received 482.5 million pounds ($ 683 million) in damages for allegedly violating competition law.

The group claimed that Qualcomm took advantage of its dominance in the patent and processor licensing markets by charging inflated fees on Apple and Samsung for technology licenses, which consumers have paid through higher prices for smartphones.

The group estimates that individuals who have purchased Apple and Samsung devices since October 1, 2015 may be entitled to between 17 and 30 pounds (24 to 42 dollars) depending on the number and type of smartphones they have purchased.

About 29 million Britons could be entitled to compensation after charging excessive fees on their smartphones if the lawsuit was successful.

Anabel Hoult, chief executive of UK Consumer Protection Group, said: “We believe that Qualcomm’s anti-competitive practices have so far taken around 480 million pounds from the pockets of UK consumers, and this should stop.

Qualcomm denied the allegations while noting a FTC lawsuit over unfair practices from 2017 that was dismissed last year.

A company spokesperson told the BBC: Last summer, the FTC’s lawsuit was unanimously rejected by a panel of judges in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States.

The new challenge reflects the legal actions that have chased the chip giant over the past several years.

While $ 683 million represented just over 2.8 percent of Qualcomm’s revenue in 2020, the company has struggled to free itself from bad publicity resulting from fines and litigation.

Previously in Asia alone, the company was hit by antitrust sanctions in China, Korea and Taiwan, with fines totaling more than $ 2.6 billion.

Meanwhile, the European Commission imposed a fine of 997 million euros ($ 1.23 billion) on the company in 2018 for paying Apple to secure an exclusive modem deal..

The European Commission imposed another fine in 2019 of 242 million euros ($ 271 million) for reducing the price of 3G chips to the detriment of competitors.

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