Qualcomm confirms to obtain a license to supply Huawei with chips

Qualcomm confirms to obtain a license to supply Huawei with chips

Recently, there have been reports of companies getting a license to supply a company Huawei with chips, in light of US sanctions that prevent companies from providing the Chinese company with chips without a license.

A few days ago, there were reports that the company Qualcomm The American company obtained licenses to supply Huawei with the chips. However, the latest report states that Qualcomm cannot provide all the chips for the company. As for smart phone chips, the company cannot provide higher chips than 4G.

According A report from (Daily Business News) Daily Business News, Qualcomm officially confirmed these reports. A company spokesman said, “We have obtained licenses for Huawei for some products, and this includes some 4G products.”

However, Qualcomm has not revealed when it will start supplying 5G products to Huawei. But it is said that this will not be possible at the present time. Earlier this week, news spread that Qualcomm had obtained a license to supply the company. KeyBanc – a popular Wall Street investment bank – said earlier this week that Qualcomm had obtained an export license to supply the company with 4G chips.

On July 30, Qualcomm announced that it had reached a patent license agreement with Huawei. Qualcomm will receive a fee of $ 1.8 billion for a one-time patent licensing.

In addition to Qualcomm, other companies, such as Intel, AMD, and Skyworks, in addition to many other chip manufacturers, have confirmed that they have obtained a license to supply Huawei.

Before releasing its financial report on November 5, Qualcomm’s CEO stated that the company had applied to the US government for a license to sell chips to Huawei, but had not received any response.

A source close to Huawei said that Qualcomm’s license to supply the Chinese company will ease the dilemma of providing chips to the company’s two advanced phones: (P) and (Mate) Mate.

Huawei Chairman Joe Ping revealed in a public speech that if the United States allowed it, the company was ready to use Qualcomm chips. It now appears that the United States will grant permission to companies to supply the Chinese company, but only on condition that this includes 5G chips.

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