PUBG Mobile World Championship is coming to Dubai

PUBG Mobile World Championship is coming to Dubai

Became a state The United Arab Emirates Now in the spotlight as the latest battleground for the PUBG Mobile World Games Championship Final Title.

And theAnnounced Tencent said that the PUBG Mobile World PMGC Championship Finals will be held in Dubai, with the event to be held in January 2021.

The event sees the arrival of the top 16 A team In the world From the league stage To Dubai to participate In the PMGC Finals, teams are competing for the title of World Champions and prizes worth $ 1.3 million (AED 4.7 million).

Teams are connected via LAN during the event, where they take out all the weapons at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, which can host 17,000 spectators at a time.

The ever-increasing risk in the digital arena in the Middle East has made the UAE ranked 35th on the list of major gaming markets in the world, with players spending 30 minutes in mobile matches every day.

It shows a stadium Dubai X The upcoming esports event, touted as an arena for global players, is the potential of the country’s gaming industry.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia led the spike in games during the lockdown, in a region with a gaming community of 100 million people with a growing group of gaming influencers.

The UAE is betting heavily on esports and games, as he founded The Dubai Mall Virtual Reality Theme Park Abu Dhabi invested in a private academy for electronic sports training.

For the region, this new esports event comes a year after the PUBG Mobile Star World Cup, which last year hosted an increasing number of players from Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that this event is the first electronic sports event for the PUBG Mobile game to be held in Dubai, as the first international event for PMSC was held in the city in 2018, and RRQ Athena won the competition and received $ 200,000.

The 16 teams that qualified for the PMGC Finals are:

  • Four Angry Men
  • Bigetron Red Aliens
  • RRQ Athena
  • Konina Power
  • Klas Digital Athletics
  • Loops Esports
  • Secret Jin
  • Futbolist
  • Nova XQF
  • POWER888 KPS
  • Abrupt Slayers
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • Z3US Esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Aerowolf Limax
  • Team Secret

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