PS5 controls fan speed for each game separately

PS5 controls fan speed for each game separately

The PS5 platform contains a company Sony has an internal cooling system that consists of a huge double-sided fan 120 mm wide and 45 mm thick that directs air to the sides of the dual-sided motherboard, among other things.

The platform also includes some smart software to run the fan, and these programs improve the fan’s performance over time based on data collected from individual games.

This information comes as per To interview New with Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony’s head of mechanical design in charge of PS5.

The interview addresses many of the finer details about design decisions for the uniquely shaped platform and places great emphasis on heat dissipation technology.

Autori appeared in the seven-minute video that Sony released earlier this month, which shows the entire platform inside and out and reveals some new details about the mechanical design of the device.

In the new interview, Autori notes that the fan will be controlled by the PS5’s accelerated processing unit (APU), which is the CPU chip and integrated GPU that powers the platform.

“Several games will be launched in the future,” Auturi says. “Data on GPU behavior will be collected in each game.”We have a plan to improve fan control based on this data.

Autori explains that many temperature sensors are placed within the main board of the platform in order to collect data while the APU is running for any given game.

This data allows Sony to optimize the fan for each game separately, and the highest temperature measured will be used to determine fan speed and optimize cooling performance.

Autori also reveals very fine details about testing the PS5’s cooling system, including creating a transparent case and pumping air from dry ice through it. To observe the effects in the indoor temperature.

Autori also addressed the unconventional use of liquid metal conductor as a thermal interface material underneath the CPU.

There is no difference in cooling performance between vertical and horizontal platform placement, and the 350-watt power supply is designed with openings in the front and back to allow direct air flow from the system cooling fan.

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