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Programming languages ​​… Today’s deal is professional C, C # and C ++ with a discount of 97%

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The complete professional C programming language package – Complete C Family Programming Bundle.

Number of sessions: 6. Number of lessons: 177. Duration: 43 hours.

The C programming language is the basis of all languages programming Currently, they are ideal for developing firmware and mobile applications, and a popular choice for developing operating systems and Embedded System drivers.

C ranked first in the list of the most popular programming languages, outperforming Java for the first time since 2015, according to To report Programming Community Index (TIOBE) for August 2020, C ++ language Plus came in fourth place, and C Sharp language C # ranked fifth, as the programming languages ​​C, C ++ and C # gained more popularity. During the Coronavirus Crisis; Because it is used in medical device software development.

In addition to developing operating systems and device drivers, C programming languages ​​are used in many projects, such as: application and website development, and Artificial intelligence Complex, as well as game development, so proficiency in these languages ​​can open up a wide range of new career options for you.

This training package will help you master C, C # and C ++ programming languages, starting from the basics that include how variables work, input and output statements, data types and how to use them, until you reach developing powerful applications.

This package includes 4 training courses on the C # programming language and how to use it with Microsoft’s .NET framework for developing applications. You will also learn about asynchronous programming, an important technology that allows developers to build flexible and highly responsive applications when in use.

It includes a complete course on C language, how to use its libraries in identifying data types, building general algorithms and data structures, as well as how to write a high-performance program that uses memory efficiently.

There is another course on C ++ and how to write programs in it. You will also learn how to use Object-oriented programming with it to build databases.

Content Access Time: Lifetime.

Level of experience required: all levels.

Obtaining a certificate after completing each training course.

English language.

Availability: Online.

Original price before discount: 1800 dollars.

Current price after discount: $ 39.

Discount rate: 97%.

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The following are the names of the programming languages ​​courses included in this package:

C #: C Sharp Comprehensive Course

C # Programming: Intermediate

C # Programming: Beyond Intermediate

C # Programming: Advanced Optimization Techniques

C Programming Course

Comprehensive C ++ Training

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