PowerShot PICK .. an AI-powered robotic camera

PowerShot PICK .. an AI-powered robotic camera

Embrace a company Canon of the future full of artificial intelligence through a strange new automatic camera it’s called PowerShot PICK, which It’s about the size of a juice box, which makes it portable, but doesn’t fit in a pocket.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be found in nearly every consumer electronics product these days, either directly or indirectly.

And it appears that the camera manufacturer Canon is relying on this AI ability to sell the idea of ​​the PowerShot PICK, a small robotic camera that can track its targets and take shots when the time comes to capture the perfect photo.

This little device rotates and keeps its targets in view, taking commands or capturing shots on its own. Canon is taking a step further towards eliminating photographers with its robotic PowerShot PICK camera.

Although the camera does not move from one place to another, it can rotate its body and lens across two axes to follow the targets.

Canon’s new camera is somewhat similar to a smart security camera or Facebook’s Portal device, but it should be taken with you wherever you go, attached to a selfie stick, etc.

And the camera company appears to be hedge its bets by offering PowerShot PICK not as a retail product but through Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, as it breaks its $ 10,000 target.

The promotional video for the campaign shows the use of PICK in a variety of circumstances: facial recognition and photo capture during a party, tracking a person on a bike around their yard, activating itself on demand in someone’s kitchen and following their location.

The camera includes a small sensor measuring 1 / 2.3, with a resolution of 12 megapixels, but the zoom lens with F / 2.8 and image stabilization should help in uneven lighting, with 4x zoom.

Photos are stored directly via the microSD card slot, but can be quickly shared via social media platforms via the mobile app.

The experimental camera can analyze the scene, identify people, track their faces, and then use artificial intelligence to determine the ideal moment to take a photo. PowerShot PICK combines Canon’s optical technology, video processing and artificial intelligence.

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