Portrait .. Frame for digital holograms

Portrait .. Frame for digital holograms

Aim to The new project Looking Glass named Portrait to provide a 3D frame for $ 199, and the frame needs only one portrait in a phone. Iphone.

Creating realistic 3D images usually requires a lot of expensive equipment, both for scanning and viewing.

She said Looking GlassWe’ve always wanted to have a way for everyone to get their own 3D screen.

She added: We are very excited to share something that we have worked on secretly over the past 18 months, which is the Portrait, which is the first personal 3D screen.

The company explains that creating 3D images has become as easy as taking a photo Portrait mode via iPhone And import it into HoloPlay Studio.

And HoloPlay Studio automatically converts the depth from Portrait photos into the dozens of perspectives needed to create 3D images.

After conversion, the hologram is automatically stored in Portrait for independent operation at 60 fps.

Other options are to shoot video with Azure Kinect cameras, Intel RealSense, and use 3D building applications, andThe device can support up to 1000 built-in holograms.

The display window includes a Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer to provide processing power and storage, and you can also use it as a hologram screen for a Mac when using tools such as: Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya and Azure Kinect.

It is noteworthy that Looking Glass is expensive, with the price of the 3D screen ranging from $ 600 to measure 8.9 inches to $ 3000 To measure 15 inches.

Portrait may not be the most ambitious or technically versatile product the Brooklyn-based startup has ever produced, but it is easy to get to.

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