Pompeo: Huawei’s investments are “predatory business” and countries should ban them

Pompeo: Huawei’s investments are “predatory business” and countries should ban them

He said US Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo); In a press interview on Friday: The Huawei investment Chinese They are not regular market transactions, but rather “predatory businesses” and all countries should prohibit them.

“Their investments are not private because they are supported by the (Chinese) state,” Pompeo told Italian newspaper La Repubblica, at the end of his two-day visit to the country.

He added, “(Huawei’s investments) are predatory acts that no country should allow.” He called on Europe and the United States to join efforts to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from succeeding in its plans abroad.

On Wednesday, the president of Huawei in Italy said: The company is ready to conduct a comprehensive examination to prove that its technology does not pose any danger to countries whose equipment will be included in the creation of the 5G networks.

And he said (Luigi De Vicks) at the opening ceremony of the Huawei Cybersecurity Center in the Italian capital, Rome: “We will open our doors, we are ready (for autopsy) to respond to all these political pressures.” De Vicks’ comments came on the same day that US Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) began a two-day visit to Italy.

The United States has pressed Italy and other European allies to avoid using Huawei equipment in 5G networks, saying the company may pose a security risk. Huawei has repeatedly rejected these accusations.

“I cannot speak. A country the size of the United States is attacking another country by demolishing a company from that country with baseless accusations,” said de Vicks. He added, “Even with all the pressure, Huawei has no intention of leaving the Italian market, and is considering adding more products in areas such as energy.” He also said, “It is very unlikely that Huawei will leave the market due to the current situation.”

De Vicks said that organizing the event on the same day Pompeo arrived in Italy was a coincidence, and he was not aware of any issues related to the closure of 5G deals in Italy due to the government’s use of so-called golden powers on infrastructure that is considered strategic.

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