PlayStation Store stops selling movies and TV shows

PlayStation Store stops selling movies and TV shows

Announced a company Sony to stop buying and renting movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store on August 31.

The thriving video streaming business has made it easier to access a lot of content for some companies, such as Sony, but it makes managing digital storefronts less attractive.

Consequently, Sony decided to suspend the ability to buy or rent movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store at the end of August.

You must turn to third-party services if you want to buy or rent videos on PlayStation later this year.

The Japanese electronics giant feels the explosive growth in subscription and ad-supported streaming services has reduced the need for the option to buy and rent internally.

Sony said: Any movies and TV shows that you purchase through the PlayStation Store will remain available through the PS4, PS5 and mobile devices after the end of August 31, and we look forward to further enhancing the entertainment experience across PlayStation.

It is not certain how well the rental of TV shows and movies via the PlayStation Store has performed, but there is no doubt that these offerings have lost much of their significance since their launch in 2008.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video now dominate the online video scene, and those who want to buy or rent content can use third-party options, such as the Apple TV app.

And there aren’t a whole lot of incentives to use the PlayStation Store, especially if you have hardware that can’t use it.

However, this ad is unfortunate if you depend on the PlayStation Store to rent movies and TV shows which are still relatively new, and the experience will not be as smooth as before.

This is not the first time Sony has removed less popular media from the PlayStation Store.

The company said last October: The revamped store, which arrived before the launch of the PS5, will no longer allow users to purchase the old games and DLC downloadable content that was initially released for the PS3 or PSP and Vita, unless you browse through those devices. .

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