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PlayStation 5 from Caviar comes in at $ 500K

Late last year, the Russian company Caviar decided to break out of its usual territory of making jeweled smartphones and announced a platform PlayStation 5 Aureus that was named after Golden Rock Because of its distinctive appearance.

Nine platforms are manufactured at a price of half a million dollars, and if you think nobody will pay that, you’d be wrong, as the company has received 1,342 orders since December 28.

Those interested include basketball star (LeBron James) as well as a famous Russian businessman living outside Russia and a famous American IT businessman, whose names will not be revealed.

The Golden Rock stand takes about four months, and Caviar has hired a jewelry contractor specializing in gold work to prepare a test sample.

Each pallet is covered with up to 4.5kg of 18k gold, and the process begins with 8 separate sheets cast of pure gold, which must be shaped into the engineering design and secured via the PS5.

The control arms are also covered in genuine black-dyed alligator leather, and the video below shows a version of the Gold Dock.

And if you don’t have half a million dollars at the moment, you can also peek at Personalizations Carbon or crocodile skinThe company manufactures 99 pieces of each.

The PlayStation 5 platform – the digital edition – costs in carbon $ 5,830 and is covered in automotive carbon fiber, while the cost of the platform with crocodile leather in 24k gold is up to 8140 dollars.

Caviar has also customized the carbon fiber and leather control arms to match the platform.

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