Pixel update brings new features to mobile users

Add a company Google has made new features for Pixel devices throughout the year, and accordingly, the search giant has released A new update It brings a bunch of features.

The features arrive after the December update, which saw Google introduce Adaptive Sound and new Google Photos suggestions.

Google Recorder now offers backup and sync support, with web availability, making it easy to share recordings links with colleagues and friends.

You can find your recordings via the website recorder.google.comWhere you can search, see texts, and listen to recordings.

Google has also provided the Smart Compose feature for specific messaging applications via Pixel phones for users in the United States and in English only.

The feature suggests common phrases to help you compose messages, similar to the same features you find in Gmail.

Another new feature works specifically with the Pixel Stand, which is a wireless charging accessory sold separately from Pixel.

Google said: When you use the bedtime features in the watch app with the Pixel Stand, you see a new and updated bedtime screen, along with redesigned notifications to help you fall asleep easily.

This feature requires a Pixel phone with wireless charging support, which includes the Pixel 3 series, Pixel 4 series and Pixel 5 series.

In addition, Google supported the $ 325 Kraken Sports Scuba Diving Protective Case.

And with the supported dive case, pixel device owners can access camera features like Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and video while they’re underwater instead of using the Kraken Sports app.

This should result in high-quality underwater images because the native app is able to capture and process more data than third-party camera apps can.

There is also a set of new wallpapers, which celebrate different cultural events throughout the year, starting with International Women’s Day on March 8th.

It is reported that these features are separate from the Android 12 update, which is larger than Google, which is currently in the first phase to preview the developer.

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