Pixel phones can read your heart rate with cameras

Pixel phones can read your heart rate with cameras

Add a company Google has a heart rate and respiratory monitoring feature on the Fit app on Pixel phones this month, and plans to add it to other Android phones in the future.

Both features rely on the smartphone camera, which measures the breathing rate by monitoring the rise and fall of the user’s chest, and the heart rate by tracking color change as blood moves through the fingertips.

The company said: The features are intended to only allow users to track general wellness and cannot evaluate or diagnose medical conditions.

To measure breathing rate (the number of breaths a person breathes per minute) using the app, users point the front camera of the phone toward the head and chest, and to measure their heart rate, they place their finger on the back camera.

Jack Po, product manager at Google Health, said in … Press briefing: The doctor calculates the patient’s breathing rate by watching his chest rise and fall, and the Google feature simulates this procedure via machine learning technology.

Google’s heart rate monitoring is similar to a feature that Samsung included in a number of older Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy S10, but it removed the feature on the S10E, S20 and later phones.

Heart rate data from the Google app will be less comprehensive than the types of readings a person can get from a wearable device, which can continuously monitor their heart rate while a person lives their daily life.

The feature that can check these metrics on demand is still a useful tool, Bo said, and anything that increases the number of measurements a person has of their heart or breathing rate matters.

Google chose to integrate these functions into the smartphone to make it accessible to the largest number of people, as many people They don’t currently have things like wearables, but they do benefit from being able to track breathing rate, heart rate, etc.

Internal studies on Pixel phones showed that the respiratory rate feature was accurate within one breath per minute for people with or without health conditions. The accurate heart rate feature was in the range of 2 percent.

The team studies how well the features work across other phones before making them available outside of PixelCurrently the features are described as tools that can be used for general wellness.

Google does not claim it can perform a medical function, which is why it does not need permission from the FDA to add it to the app.

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