Phone calls on board the plane are not legal

Phone calls on board the plane are not legal

Finished Federal Communications Commission FCC scenario of letting people perform Phone calls On board the plane via smartphones, after nearly seven years of seeking to obtain passenger comments on the idea.

FCC rules allow smartphones to be used in (flight mode) Airplane mode or connect to Wi-Fi service while in flight, but they do not allow voice calls to take place.

And you weren’t allowed to attempt contact with the ground-based cell towers, even when the aircraft was at a low enough altitude to make this technically possible.

Instead, the proposal was to allow airlines to install cell units on their aircraft, and then allow passengers to communicate with those units.

The transmission will be via satellite, and passengers will pay an exorbitant per-minute fee for the concession.

However, the agency said in 2013: It was considering permitting phone calls and removing the ban on passengers making phone calls after the plane had risen above 1,000 feet.

The suggestion was unpopular even within the Federal Communications Commission, with then-president Tom Wheeler saying he’d rather not let people make calls on a plane.

The FCC originally announced that it would consider the proposal on December 12, 2013, but it took until today to arrive at that phone calls on the plane remain blocked.

On December 12, 2013, the committee proposed reviewing its rules governing mobile communications services on board aircraft, and allowing voice and data services to operate on board the aircraft over mobile radio frequencies subject to some circumstances.

The decision indicates that there is strong opposition to the idea, not from the passengers only, but also from the pilots and flight attendants, because the proposal It failed to address major safety and national security concerns.

There are also concerns that the proposal makes flights less enjoyable, according to the Air Hostesses Association (APFA), which said the proposal threatens the safety and comfort of our aircraft.

Long-haul aircraft typically included in-seat mobile phones, which were connected to the on-board satellite receiver.

They were rarely used and not preferred, as airlines installed wireless network systems, allowing passengers to stay in touch via email and chat services.

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