Pakistan lifts ban on TikTok after pledging to restrict unethical content

Pakistan lifts ban on TikTok after pledging to restrict unethical content

Pakistan’s Communications Commission said on Monday that Pakistan has decided to lift the ban on the application of sharing short video clips (Tik Tok) TikTok After the company pledged to ban all accounts involved in spreading “immorality and immorality.”

The move comes about 10 days after Pakistan banned the application of TikTok, after the company failed to block “immoral and indecent” content.

And he said A spokesperson for the Pakistan Communications Authority: “TikTok has agreed to restrict accounts in accordance with local laws,” adding that the app has about 20 million active monthly users in the country.

The app was ranked third in terms of the number of downloads in Pakistan over the past 12 months, after Facebook and WhatsApp, according to the analytics company (SensorTower).

The Communications Commission of Pakistan said it was open to discussions with TikTok if the company was willing to restrict illegal content.

TikTok – owned by the Chinese company ByteDance – has become very popular in a short period of time, by encouraging young users to post short videos. Its rapid ascent caused a firestorm, as a number of countries raised security and privacy concerns about their ties to China.

And last June, the app was banned in India – then the service’s largest market by number of users – due to national security concerns at a time of a border dispute with China. Separately, the app faces the risk of being banned in the United States, in addition to scrutiny in other countries, such as: Australia.

The company has long denied that its links to China constitute a security concern in other countries.

Pakistan, which is predominantly Muslim, has media regulations that adhere to conservative social customs. In July, the Communications Regulatory Authority issued a “final warning” to TikTok about the offensive content.

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