Overviewer .. assists teachers with presenting material via Zoom

Overviewer .. assists teachers with presenting material via Zoom

As students and educators continue to work from home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Overviewer has emerged as An application A free new iOS to convert iPhone into a document camera via Zoom and other video conferencing apps.

The application allows teachers or anyone to easily use the camera phones as an alternative to traditional document cameras, which are common in education, but are expensive and cumbersome to use.

Document cameras are traditional cameras that allow teachers to view worksheets and other documents in the classroom, and with many schools operating by default, this has become a difficult problem to solve.

Overviewer comes from developer Charlie Chapman, who is also the developer of the Ambient Sound app Dark Noise The famous.

The application takes advantage of Feature Zoom’s built-in screen sharing that works with iPhone when connected to a computer with a Lightning cable, or wirelessly via AirPlay.

The feature displays a summary of your phone’s camera across the screen, provides the ability to turn on your phone’s flashlight if your lighting situation is not ideal, as well as the option to change the camera that’s shown.

Chapman has released some interesting details about the inspiration behind the app at PostWhere he said: My wife is a kindergarten teacher and when the Corona virus began, she had to figure out how to teach a group of children aged 5 to 6 years how to draw letters via Zoom.

He added: The Zoom platform provides a feature where you can share the iPhone screen, but there are two problems when opening the camera application, as there are a bunch of buttons around the camera, and the camera application does not actually rotate when rotated sideways so you can only share your phone in portrait mode, which means there is Huge black bars on each side of a Zoom call.

Overviewer solves these issues by giving iPhone users the ability to make the phone function as a document camera for video conferencing applications.

Overviewer sends Zoom to exactly what the iPhone camera sees, including support for panning to landscape. This allows teachers to use an iPhone like a document camera, and easily show students as they work on math problems, drawing, and other tasks.

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