Otter lets you transcribe Google Meet calls

Otter lets you transcribe Google Meet calls

AI-powered podcast service announced that Add them The new Google Chrome browser allows users to take calls Google Meet Right from the browserIt gives users access to live notes and comments.

All the user needs is to install a Chrome browser extension, which opens the Live Notes panel during Google Meet calls to record what is said as people say, and the panel appears on the side of the Google Meet interface, and can be moved and scrolled through during the meeting.

The feature helps companies increase communication, especially for non-English speakers who may have difficulty understanding the spoken word, and it also provides an accessible way to interact with live meeting content.

Users can view the live text of a meeting online when it occurs, and they can also adjust the text size, then save and share the audio transcripts when the meeting concludes.

In addition, users can access the company’s Live Captions feature that supports custom vocabulary.

This feature is very useful, since after the meeting is over, you can Take a look at the full text via the website or the Otter app, and search for keywords as well.

Besides, Otter also enables live notes and voice transcription of Google Meet calls for more than 100 million Google Meet users.

These features are available to all Otter customers – basic, professional and business – starting now, and primary (free) users can transcribe up to 600 minutes of meetings per month.

And this past April, the company launched a similar integration with Zoom, however, it was only available to paying customers.

Company founder and CEO, Sam Liang, said: “We saw with our first integration in Zoom that making Otter more seamless increases note taking and productivity for users, and we’re excited to offer this same kind of seamless integration for Google Meet users.

Otter prides itself that its interactive and editable texts are a useful tool for collaboration when the meeting ends, and it also prides itself that your colloquial tone during discussions about your work will not deviate from AI, given that users can add keywords to the system.

The company says: Tools like these make it easy to jot down meetings to avoid confusion later, and they also help people with accessibility requirements.

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