Oracle graduates Microsoft and wins TikTok bid

Oracle graduates Microsoft and wins TikTok bid

The information indicates that a company Oracle has won the bidding war on US TikTok operations, a war that saw Microsoft pull it out earlier today.

AndI wrote The Wall Street Journal reports that Oracle, an ally of the Trump administration in Silicon Valley, will be announced as a trusted technology partner for TikTok in the United States, and will manage TikTok user data in the United States.

Oracle is also negotiating to buy a stake in US TikTok operations, and in addition, the newspaper cites a person familiar with the matter saying: The deal is likely not to be regulated as a full sale.

The alleged Oracle purchase of TikTok operations in the United States puts an end to the unclear fate of the application within the country.

The purchase comes days before September 20, the day the Trump administration imposed a ban on TikTok operations if the company did not reach an agreement with the buyer.

But there is a lot of confusion about which deadline TikTok will meet He said Trump last week: There will be no extension of the September 15 deadline.

Microsoft said in statement: ByteDance has rejected its offer for US Tik Tok operations, and we are confident that our proposal was beneficial to Tik Tok users, while protecting national security interests.

The software giant indicated that it was going to make important changes about security, privacy and safety over the Internet and misinformation, and the statement added: We look forward to seeing how the service develops in these important areas.

It is not certain how the Oracle deal will be implemented or the approval of Beijing, which is clearly not satisfied with the forced sale.

Two weeks ago, the Chinese government updated a set of commercial rules that could block the export of AI technologies such as those used to personalize TikTok user feeds.

The updated trade rules were widely seen as a move by Beijing to complicate the sale of Tik Tok, and ByteDance said at the time that it would strictly abide by the law.

Reuters previously reported that Beijing prefers to close TikTok in the United States rather than following Washington’s orders to sell, which would make it appear weak in the face of Washington’s pressure.

The sources said: The Beijing approval may exclude the private TikTok algorithms developed by the Beijing office in ByteDance.

This means that TikTok operations in the US or its future owner will have to rewrite the very code that helped make the app a global dominance.

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