Oppo longs for the dream of wireless charging over the air

Oppo longs for the dream of wireless charging over the air

Posed a company Oppo A solution New wireless over-the-air charging works when the phone is up to 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) from the charging pad.

The company showed off wireless charging technology over the air in a 30-second clip across Her page Within the Chinese blogging platform Weibo To coincide With the MWC Shanghai event.

The clip shows the concept of the foldable Oppo X phone, which was announced in November, and it ships over the panel, even when carrying it from the corners.

This technology – powered by MRI – provides charging speeds of up to 7.5 watts, says Obo.

The company said: The charging begins after the device reaches a distance of a few inches from the charging base, and users can play games while charging wirelessly.

The Chinese manufacturer is the latest to announce a true over-the-air wireless charging solution, following teasers released by Xiaomi and Motorola earlier this year.

In January, Xiaomi announced the Mi Air Charge Technology, which it says can charge multiple 5-watt devices in a radius of several meters.

The next day, Motorola showed a demo that showed one of its phones being charged 100 centimeters (40 inches) from the charger.

And at a range of 10 cm, the range of OPPO technology is more limited than that of competing Xiaomi’s solution.

And unlike Xiaomi’s solution, OPPO’s new charging method does not seem to have a wide coverage area.

Mi Air Charge is designed to allow remote charging within the air within a radius of several meters, and OPPO technology appears more confined to the area above the wireless charging mat.

Distinctions such as these are academic at present as none of these technologies have been released in commercial products.

Xiaomi confirmed that its technology will not be ready for release this year, and the foldable phone that OPPO used in the demo also does not have an official release date.

In addition to developing wireless chargers that operate over longer distances, manufacturers are also working to make standard wireless charging faster.

Xiaomi is developing an 80-watt wireless charging solution, which it announced just months after OPPO unveiled its 65-watt wireless charging technology.

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