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OPPO foldable phone is coming in the coming months

Clarify Reports It was reported from China that OPPO foldable phone may appear in the public domain in the coming months.

And you choose The company Owned by BBK, the clamshell design instead of the tablet-like design used on the Galaxy Z Fold and Mix Fold series.

The market for foldable smartphones began to expand two years later, with Samsung being the only company with a firm presence in this sector.

And Huawei could be a strong contender in this area if it is not hit by a US ban, which makes the Mate X series less attractive to global customers.

Motorola has also revealed two foldable smartphones since 2019, but the specifications have not helped the company beat Samsung and its foldable devices.

Now that the technologies are mature, more and more manufacturers are entering the sector.

At the end of March, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Mix Fold smartphone, and here is the Chinese OPPO following the example of other Chinese companies to enter this sector.

The new clamshell foldable phone joins the Motorola RAZ and Galaxy Z Flip series, and features a 7-inch foldable screen on the inside.

According to the report, the OPPO foldable smartphone comes with an LTPO screen, which is an OLED panel that is more energy efficient than the old standards, which is very important for devices with a smaller shape.

The new OPPO phone is likely to be longer and wider than the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto RAZR phones, which may give way to a battery with a capacity between 3500 and 4000 mAh.

Such devices usually suffer from the problem of battery capacity, and it comes to the shape and design of the phone.

Apart from the 7-inch internal screen, the external interface contains a secondary 2-inch screen.

This secondary screen focuses on displaying quick alerts, incoming calls, and other related uses.

Hopefully, the resolution of this screen will be sufficient to allow users to use it as a viewfinder for their selfies.

It should be noted that users can when opening the OPPO foldable phone Take selfies with the main camera.

Samsung may reveal its Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone in July or August of this year, and rumors indicate that the OPPO foldable phone may appear for the first time around the same time or earlier to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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