OnePlus 8T removes previously installed Facebook apps

OnePlus 8T removes previously installed Facebook apps

Removed a company OnePlus (OnePlus) Chinese Facebook services and applications previously installed from its latest phone (OnePlus 8T).

The company had concluded a deal to include Facebook services, the Facebook application installer and the Facebook application manager as applications for the system via its smartphones.

The move came after the company was criticized for Initial installation of Facebook apps and services Via (OnePlus Nord), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) devices.

OnePlus confirmed the news, which means that its latest phone (OnePlus 8T) will only come with the previously installed OnePlus, Google and Netflix programs.

Previously installed Facebook services and applications, such as: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, can be removed from (OnePlus Nord), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) phones. Except that it cannot remove background services.

The background services, application installer and application manager, remain installed as system applications that cannot be removed, they can only be disabled.

OnePlus justified this by saying: The inclusion of these services allowed it to provide efficiency Top On the battery, but users objected to it on the grounds that Facebook services and apps ruined the simplified OnePlus’ OxygenOS experience.

There have been reports that Facebook services and apps use small amounts of data in the background even when not in use, which is a concern, given that you do not know what data you share with Facebook.

OnePlus says: Netflix comes pre-installed via the OnePlus 8T to allow HDR improvements.

The company declined to confirm that it will not previously install Facebook services and applications again.

She also declined to comment on how the owners of (OnePlus Nord), (OnePlus 8) and (OnePlus 8 Pro) uninstalled Facebook services and apps from their devices.

The information indicated that the situation is more complex than it appears, and that there is no simple and easy-to-use way to remove Facebook services from the phones that initially come with them, and removing them may disrupt the user’s experience.

The company said: It listened to users’ comments, which is the reason for its new decision and change of position.

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