OnePlus 8T Concept … a phone that changes color as desired

OnePlus 8T Concept … a phone that changes color as desired

The OnePlus 8T Concept is from a company OnePlus A phone Similar to the OnePlus 8T released two months ago, but it has a very unique color-changing rear design along with a motion-tracking radar unit.

According to OnePlus, this color-changing effect is achieved through the ECMF electronic color, which is placed under the glass on the back of the phone, so that the color changes from dark blue to light silver with the application of variable electrical voltages.

And it can change color to show phone notifications, such as an incoming phone call, just like the notification light that has been included in its phones in the past.

The radar unit for motion tracking, integrated into the back camera of the OnePlus 8T Concept, uses millimeter waves, so that the electromagnetic waves bounce off their surroundings and allow the phone to perceive, photograph, locate and track objects.

The company says: This mmWave technology is borrowed from 5G networks, but the radar unit is separate from any mmWave communication unit in the phone.

Functionally, it is similar to the Pixel 4’s radar-enabled Motion Sense technology, which lets you slide your hand over the phone to skip tracks or silence alarms.

It can also detect your presence to show the time and any notifications, and the functionality was interesting, but Google did not include it in later phones.

The OnePlus 8T Concept can also use the radar unit to track movement to do simple things, like answer the phone call with a gesture or offer more advanced functions, such as sensing the user’s breathing.

This can also be combined with a color changing back to provide some use cases, such as: The back color can change to indicate the incoming call, after which you can accept or reject it with a gesture, without having to touch the phone itself.

The radar unit can sense your breathing and then change the color of the back in time with the breathing, making the phone an effective biofeedback device.

And OnePlus just less than a year ago reviewed the OnePlus Concept One, a device that uses electric glass to hide the rear cameras, however, the technology has not yet appeared in any of the company’s flagship phones.

As with the Concept One before it, OnePlus says: It has no plans to sell the OnePlus 8T Concept commercially, so it’s seen as a small show of what the company is working on.

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