Old Macs will not display Netflix in 4K

Old Macs will not display Netflix in 4K

Old Macs and Mac laptops released before 2018 will not be able to run service content Netflix In 4K HDR, either via its built-in screens or via an external 4K or 5K screen, although it could theoretically.

And theMacOS Big Sur, the next release of a company Apple’s own Mac OS, watching 4K HDR Netflix content.

And it turns out Netflix’s 4K HDR content won’t It works on old Mac computers released before 2018, as it works on devices that have a security chip (T2) only, according to For a document New Netflix support.

This means that the full list of Mac computers that can watch (4K HDR) content on Netflix is ​​as follows at the moment:

  • iMac for 2020.
  • iMac Pro.
  • Mac Pro for 2019.
  • Mac mini for 2018.
  • MacBook Air 2018 or newer.
  • MacBook Pro 2018 or newer.

And there method Easy to verify if your Mac has a T2 chip, as Apple indicates on its website.

It is not clear why the request Security chip (T2), but might The chip can handle better 4K HDR content. Because it works as a co-processor.

The T2 security chip has built-in video processing power, as it supports the popular HEVC codec, according to marketing material from Apple’s October 2018 event.

Apple says on its website for the latest iMac: The T2 security chip makes HEVC twice as fast as the T1 security chip.

It is not clear whether it is mentioned Used Netflix service (HEVC) for HD broadcasts.

And if Netflix is ​​using (HEVC) for HD broadcasts, then the (T2) chip might be essential in helping Netflix’s 4K HDR content run smoothly across Macs.

Besides the need to have a Mac with a T2 chip, you also need to subscribe to Netflix’s premium $ 16 a month plan.

You can only stream 4K HDR content through Safari, as other browsers limit the resolution to 720p on a Mac.

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