Nvidia Officially Acquires Arm in $ 40 Billion Deal

Nvidia Officially Acquires Arm in $ 40 Billion Deal

The graphics card maker Nvidia has officially confirmed its acquisition of Arm Corporation in a deal worth $ 40 billion.

Nvidia and Arm have been running many leaks during the recent period, in anticipation of the end of the acquisition, which took a few weeks to reach today, talks to announce the completion of the purchase.

Nvidia had previously indicated its plans to acquire the Arm chip maker from SoftBank.

SoftBank has acquired the Arm in 2016 in a deal worth $ 31 billion, as ARM is famous for its intellectual property rights in operating mobile processors that are used by Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm.

On the other hand, the leaks indicate that the market value of Arm has increased with SoftBank as a result of Microsoft’s development of Surface devices that are based on Arm technology, and also with Apple’s shift to use Arm technology to develop its own processors for Macs.

It is noteworthy that Nvidia confirmed during the acquisition announcement that the company will not change the licensing model for the time being, and the Bloomberg report also stressed that the company will not take any steps that would lead to the withdrawal of customers, and Nvidia is moving to invest in a new research center for artificial intelligence, as an initial step For the company’s upcoming plans to develop artificial intelligence computing technology.


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