Nissan unveils the winter electric vehicle e-NV200

Nissan unveils the winter electric vehicle e-NV200

Revealed a company Japanese automaker Nissan unveils a new electric truck concept called the Winter Camper based on its fully electric e-NV200.

The company described the conceptual new truck as being inspired by the joy of winter exploration and part of the company’s vision for sustainable adventure.

While Nissan’s electric effort is known mostly through the Leaf electric vehicle, the Japanese automaker also sells the e-NV200 electric truck in some markets.

The e-NV200 got an upgrade in 2018 with a new 40 kW battery pack to bring more range, but because we’re talking about a truck, the range is only about 200 km between charges based on the combined WLTP cycle.

Designed to maximize excitement while minimizing environmental impact, the e-NV200 Winter Camper combines the excitement of electric driving and the spirit of wilderness with a host of bespoke driving and lifestyle features, adapted for tackling challenging terrain.

The car is a showcase for some of the accessories that Nissan sells for the truck, but it has also made some adjustments, such as: excellent off-road tires and increased ride height, providing optimum traction and ground clearance in mud or snow, and dual-beam headlights mounted on the steel bar The booster at the front ensures maximum visibility.

The e-NV200 electric van was launched again in 2014 and is available in select markets around the world, including across Europe.

The latest model of the e-NV200 features a 40 kWh battery, 80 kW motor and 6.6 kWh onboard charger and a payload option of 705 kg.

The Nissan Winter Camper concept will be available in Europe as the standard e-NV200 and the e-NV200 Evalia passenger van.

Based on the e-NV200 Evalia, the e-NV200 Winter Camper includes a luxury package that features rooftop solar panels that can recharge the built-in 220V battery, an integrated kitchen, refrigerator, foldable beds and insulated glass to make open road travel sustainable and luxury.

Dmitry Busurkin, General Manager, Light Commercial Vehicles Division, Nissan Europe, said: “Electric mobility is about providing an exciting experience behind the wheel, while maintaining an awareness above all of our impact on the environment.

“The e-NV200 Winter Camper concept truck is an optimistic expression of the future of zero-emissions mobility imbued with adventure essence and exciting electrification.

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