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Nintendo may introduce a new switch in September

Plans a company Nintendo to begin assembling the new Switch as soon as July and release an updated variant of the four-year-old gaming console in September or October.

The new platform may be announced ahead of E3 to allow publishers to show the full range of Switch games at the global event.

It sells alongside the $ 199 Switch Lite, with the standard Switch scrapped over time.

The price of the new platform is likely to be higher than the original $ 299 version.

New Nintendo Switch:

Collectors begin shipping the new model as early as July. Production is set to peak in the October-December quarter.

This is despite a widespread semiconductor shortage that has affected the supply of everything from cars to televisions, headphones and game consoles, including the switch itself.

Nintendo should compete to capture gamers’ interest through the new generation of platforms Sony and Microsoft introduced in November.

Sony and Microsoft platforms enhance visual resolution, speed and performance.

The Switch maker response is to upgrade its main platform with a 7-inch OLED screen and NVIDIA graphics processor, making it capable of 4K output when connected to a TV.

More expensive components and increased labor costs in China are likely to increase the price of the new switch. And that’s after the device’s current price has been stable at $ 300 since its launch In March 2017.

Suppliers are confident of their ability to meet Nintendo’s demands despite the continuing shortage of chipsets.

Production lines are prepared for possible component change. The parts used by Nintendo are subject to less competition than those on the more powerful platforms of its competitors.

However, the company’s ability to meet consumer demand will not be guaranteed. Due to the dearth of display integrated circuits and bluetooth chips, the current switch production was stopped several times.

Nintendo said earlier this month that the demand for the Switch remains high. She added that the company was not able to produce as many pallets as it wanted.

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