Nike’s Go FlyEase is hands-free

Nike’s Go FlyEase is hands-free

Announced a company Nike announced its new Go Flyease, which can be wearable hands-free, and is Nike’s first strap-on sneaker that can be easily put on and off without using your hands.

The shoe is arriving untouched as people try to reduce touching objects during the pandemic and move towards comfortable shoes that need the least effort to wear and take off, such as Crocs.

Go Flyease has unique features, including a tension tape that secures the shoe instead of laces, and wearing it includes inserting the shoe into the shoe until the tension bar snaps into place, and the shoe is removed by pressing the heel.

The shoes go on sale on February 15 for $ 120 to free membership program subscribers through the Nike website, andExpanded availability is planned for later this year.

The new Nike shoes for sports and everyday use come at a time when home consumers are craving comfort.

This is evidenced by Crocs’ latest earnings, which revealed a 55 percent jump in revenue, and the company said it expects 2020 to be its biggest sales year ever.

The launch of the new shoes on its website first fits with Nike’s strategy to sell directly to consumers rather than retail through a third party.

The company reported in December that its online sales rose 84 percent in its most recent quarter as people snapped up fitness and casual shoes.

The main innovation here is the so-called bi-stable joint that allows the shoe to move between two positions:

  • Upright position: The shoe insole sits at about a 30-degree angle so you can easily insert your foot.
  • Collapsed: The outer layer snaps comfortably around the inner layer while you walk or run.

Nike designed these shoes with accessibility in mind, which means they are a useful option for people who may have difficulty leaning over their shoes or having trouble tying a shoelace.

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