Next Tesla car unlock automatically by UWB technology

Next Tesla car unlock automatically by UWB technology

Apple and Samsung contributed to the development Digital Key Release 3.0, which uses BLE and UWB technology, To find and unlock your car seamlessly via your phone, without even taking the phone out of your pocket, and you might be a company Tesla was one of the first companies to own this technology.

Tesla is actively building UWB into its vehicles, according to For documents Submitted to the FCC.

On September 9, 2020, the company submitted six new products for consideration from the FCC, including two major keychains, a security control unit, and a number of endpoints that fit inside the frame and cabin of the vehicle.

According to FCC documents, three of these products explicitly support UWB connectivity, and furthermore, Tesla’s FCC file is unusual in that it includes a complete operational description of the technology, something that is usually revised.

Highlights include using UWB technology standards, which means that UWB phones from Apple and Samsung should theoretically be compatible, and are designed to let you know how far away you are from the vehicle.

This range is useful for avoiding repeated attacks that attempt to trick your vehicle into believing that the key chain is closer than it actually is.

In theory, it also provides the ability to find your car in a crowded parking lot using your phone, and Samsung plans to launch an app later this year for this.

And future cars will likely need many UWB endpoints inside the vehicle, such as door handles, to properly triangulate your location and see if you are indoors or out, so that your kids won’t be able to start the engine if you’re not inside the car.

Tesla believes that the B-pillars (located between the front and rear side windows of the car), the bumpers and the dashboard may be good places to place these antennas as well.

None of this means that Tesla may necessarily add technology to its cars, but the FCC documents are usually a sign that it is not just an experiment.

FCC coils are usually one of the last waypoints before the product comes to market, as they are required if you are importing, selling, or conducting extensive testing of a wireless product in the United States.

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