Newspaper: Amazon bans some competitors from advertising competing products

Newspaper: Amazon bans some competitors from advertising competing products

A newspaper investigation found Wall Street Journal until a company Amazon restricts the ability of some of its major hardware competitors to buy ads that show its products in search results, giving its devices an advantage over competitors.

The Wall Street Journal said: The company does not allow some device makers to buy advertisements related to products produced by Amazon, and this includes: (Echo Show), (Ring Doorbell), and (Fire TV) Fire TV. Even though they are allowed to purchase ads related to other competitors’ products on the site.

It is reported that Amazon Sponsored Products are keyword-targeted ads that allow advertisers to promote specific items. To obtain a Sponsored Rank, advertisers bid on certain conditions, and ads with higher bids are more likely to appear.

Amazon said in a statement: It doubts the newspaper’s results, but acknowledged that some keywords related to Amazon devices may have limited advertising inventory. The company said: Such restrictions are an example of retailers who decide which products to promote or display on their website, which it said is standard practice. It is possible that companies bid on ads and not win them, Amazon added.

“Breaking news: retailers are promoting their own products and often not selling competitors’ products,” Amazon spokesman (Jack Evans) said in a statement. He added, “Wal-Mart refuses to sell Kindle devices, Fire TV, and Echo devices.”

The investigation found that Roku – which competes with Amazon Fire TV – has been unable to purchase ads related to both Amazon devices and its own products for several years. The paper said: Roku search results on Amazon often display ads for Roku competitors, Roku products offered by distributors, and promoted ads for Amazon’s Fire TV near the top of the search results.

Other competitor manufacturers have faced similar problems buying advertisements in search results for the company’s products, including: Facebook, which makes smart screens that compete with Amazon devices, and Arlo Technologies, which makes smart security products that compete with smart doorbells owned by the company. Amazon.

It is believed that the new investigation may attract the attention of regulators who are already investigating the company’s business practices.

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