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New Xbox consoles test Dolby Vision HDR games

Expanded a company Microsoft tested Dolby Vision HDR games across the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

This feature makes its way into the Xbox Insider Alpha episode so more Xbox community members can try it out.

The company is looking for feedback before rolling out Dolby Vision HDR on a larger scale, which it says is happening soon.

It had previously promised to do so sometime this year, as the new Xbox platforms have been known to support Dolby HDR since before it was released.

And Dolby announced last September that it would be the first platforms to support Dolby Vision HDR with dynamic game metadata, as Sony’s PS5 does not currently support Dolby Vision.

Microsoft said: Dolby Vision brings more vibrant colors, sharper contrast and 40 times brighter highlights to games, and automatically adjusts picture settings across your screen.

Microsoft worked with Dolby to create an enhancement that enables a more accurate HDR gaming experience when connected to a TV that supports Dolby Vision, providing better clarity in both light and dark scenes.

The companies work with TV manufacturers to improve the Dolby Vision experience across as many screens as possible before rolling it out to everyone.

And if you are enrolled in an Xbox Insider Alpha episode and want to play games with Dolby Vision, you must ensure that you have the latest firmware installed via your TV.

This way, you might also be able to take advantage of features like automatic low latency mode and variable refresh rate as well.

A previous limited feature test received a positive reception, with testers reporting improvements in brightness, black levels, and color saturation in HDR games.

Some testers noted in March that Dolby Vision games were enabled in the Xbox Insider Alpha episode release for a few games, including Borderlands 3, Gears 5, and Halo: Master Chief Collection.

The new Xbox platforms currently support HDR via the less advanced HDR10 standard, and Microsoft says it is sharing more details about games that take advantage of Dolby Vision’s capabilities soon.

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