New emoji to express hardships of 2020

New emoji to express hardships of 2020

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that oversees emoji standards and is responsible for new releases, announced Update New Emoji Brings 200 new skin tones to many existing emojis, with a primary focus on those featuring a couple.

It is assumed that the new emoji will reach mobile phones throughout the next year through a limited edition.Emoji 13.1 ″, which means more ways to convey this year’s pain.

The Unicode Consortium has dubbed the new update “Minor Edition”, and its mission is to add new emoji before 2022.

The Unicode Federation had originally intended to release the largest “Emoji 14.0” update in March of next year, but the release date was postponed to September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This means that the different operating systems will likely not be able to integrate the update until the end of 2021, or even sometime in 2022, leaving the entire next year without new emojis.

Among the main additions (appropriately for this year) are a heart with a bandage wrapped around it, a burning heart that can express regret, and a face with spiral eyes to express a lack of control over one’s actions or the ability to perceive the world.

The bulk of the update, which includes 200 of the 217 new emojis, is devoted to the skin tones of the heart couple emoji and the kiss emoji.

The current options only provide the default yellow skin tone for both, but the new update allows for other skin tones to be specified, and also for the visualization of interracial relationships.

Other additions include a face in the clouds to represent a daydream, a face breathing or a cloud of smoke.

And updates can arrive on your phone anywhere between January and October 2021, assuming the most complete “Emoji 14.0” package will arrive in 2022.

While the “Emoji 13.1” update is relatively simple, the Unicode Federation says: A group of volunteers have compiled this update in order for users to have something new at least in 2021.

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