New AMD processors for Chromebooks

New AMD processors for Chromebooks

Launched a company (AMD) New Ryzen and Athlon processors are the brains of a new generation of Chromebooks that surf the web.

The Zen architecture-based processors aim to make Chromebooks faster for surfing the web, productivity and multitasking.

Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo will offer a wide range of systems using these chips in the upcoming Chromebooks, both for children who learn at home during the pandemic and for professionals at home.

While chips target the lower spec segment of the market, AMD is attacking an Intel stronghold in an effort to gain market share.

The new Ryzen and Athlon processors are up to 178 percent faster than the previous generation of chips.

The company said: (Zen) architecture is coming soon to Chromebooks, and it seems that every kid has a Chromebook. These devices are sweeping more markets with lower costs and higher performance requirements, and we want to enter these sectors, from education to institutions and consumers.

And designed in cooperation with Google, the AMD Ryzen and AMD Athlon family of processors present the first Zen architecture Chromebooks, which were launched in the fourth quarter.

(AMD) said: The processor (Ryzen 7 3700C) provides better graphics performance by up to 251 percent compared to the previous generation, faster production performance by 104 percent, and better image editing performance by up to 152 percent.

The Ryzen 3700C and Ryzen 3500C processors are manufactured using a 12nm manufacturing process, while the Ryzen 3250C processor is manufactured using a 14nm process, and the chips consume about 15 watts of power, while the Athlon chips are manufactured using a 14nm process. .

And (AMD) announced in early 2019 that it was moving to Chromebooks for the first time with the previous generation of chips, and the company’s share has since grown to more than 20 percent of the Chromebook market, compared to a 5.2 percent share in 2019.

The company said: The market for Chromebooks has grown significantly as we expected, and we are now in 2020, and we are looking for an annual growth of about 8 percent, and this is an opportunity for us, and we want to be in major growing markets, such as Chromebooks and gaming computers.

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