Neuralink stimulated a monkey’s brain to play video games with its mind

Neuralink stimulated a monkey’s brain to play video games with its mind

Electric car maker Tesla president said, (Elon MuskElon Musk: The company he founded called Neuralink stimulated a monkey to play video games with its mind.

Musk explained that Neuralink placed a computer chip in the skull of the monkey and used small wires to connect it to its brain.

You can’t even know where the neural implant is placed, ”he said during a conversation at Clubhouse, a new social media app that allows people to have informal voice conversations while others listen.

Neuralink is trying to see if they can use its chips to get monkeys to play a game with each other.

Neuralink is headquartered in San Francisco, and its team of around 100 is trying to develop an actionable computer and brain interface.

The company aims to increase the rate of information flow from the human brain to the device, and is currently working on developing brain implants that help paralyzed people control their thought control devices.

Musk added that technology could also enable people to communicate through their minds or save the state of their brains, so when they die it is loaded onto another body, and described the device as a Fitbit device in your skull with small wires that reach your mind.

And theCall Mask anyone who works on wearable devices, phones or advanced robots, to apply for a job at Neuralink.

So far, the company’s tests have been limited to pigs and primates, but that hasn’t stopped Musk from speculating about the potential of humans, and he said: If two people have Neuralink, conceptual telepathy can be done, where you have a complex series of concepts and you can transfer them directly to the other person using telepathy.

He added: This leads to greatly improving the quality and speed of communication, and there are other things that can be done, and maybe you can save the state of the brain, and thus if you die your brain can be transferred to another human body or a robot body.

The billionaire explained that Neuralink has successfully tested the implant, removal and replantation, and said the company will likely soon release new videos showing its progress.

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