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Netflix wants to highlight its content via N-Plus

Given that broadcast space is getting more competitive every year, it might work platform Netflix is ​​on their online hub to showcase the power of their original content.

Refer a survey of customers viewed by Location Protocol indicates that the company is considering building a platform called N-Plus.

Netflix has long produced behind-the-scenes interviews, podcasts, and other supportive content to promote its assets, and share it via YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

The survey indicates that the company may redouble these promotional efforts, while adding some additional social features.

About the project, the company says: N-Plus is a futuristic online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to it.

The document indicates that the hub can contain content, such as podcasts and playlists that a user creates.

Netflix provides most of the tips on how the playlist function works, and the survey indicates that you can compile lists of your favorite TV shows and movies and share them online.

The idea of ​​a playlist also extends to music, as a survey asked how people feel about N-Plus providing all the music from television programs, and the ability to create playlists from them.

And the way Netflix is ​​positioning the feature indicates the company could use it to bring new customers into the service.

The document states that if viewers are not members, they can only see a trailer for the show itself.

Another part of the survey indicates that N-Plus users can determine the future of Netflix’s production, and the document says: Learn about a (pre-production) layout and influence its development through comments before filming ends.

It is also considering hosting TV reviews from users and potentially featuring shows from people with similar viewing flair, according to the survey.

A Netflix spokesperson said about N-Plus: The company polls customers a lot about the ideas it is working on behind the scenes.

It should be noted that Netflix uses platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to promote what is coming to the service, and even some of the more specialized social media channels have a strong following.

It would not be difficult for the company to try to capitalize on this interest from a different angle.

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