Netflix no longer offers a free trial

Netflix no longer offers a free trial

Canceled platform Netflix is ​​a free trial, which means you have to sign up for their paid plans or you won’t be able to access the streaming service.

Given that the platform has more value than ever in terms of original content, the decision is beneficial to the business, but it still feels like a slap in the face to consumers.

And themonitor Phil Swann made this change, and was supported by Center page Netflix’s help saying: Free trials are not available.

It is not clear exactly when the platform made this change, but the fact remains that if you are not subscribed to Netflix, you will not be able to try it.

And if you change the region on the help page, you can see that it is the same for most of the major countries, as the page states that free trials are not available in Japan, UK, Canada and Australia.

There is no option to receive a free trial for any duration when creating a new account.

Once registered, you must choose a plan, and you do not have an option to get a free trial. The service does not mention this even during the registration process.

And it appears that Netflix is ​​trying to get rid of users who benefit from free trials with multiple email accounts.

Given that the platform is teeming with original content and everyone knows it, it’s likely a good time to ditch the free trial.

A spokesperson for the broadcasting platform said in a statement: “We are looking at various promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience with the number of subscribers approaching 200 million subscribers globally.

Reports note that the platform gradually canceled the free trial in some regions two years ago, while it still has a free offer for a limited time in other countries, such as South Korea.

The platform offers new ways to try to attract potential subscribers instead of the free trial version, including publishing some educational content on YouTube for free and other forms of content sampling.

Netflix’s decision to cancel the free trial comes at a time when other streaming services tend to offer betas to build initial subscriber bases.

Apple extended the initial free period to (Apple TV Plus) subscribers for a period of three months, until February 2021.

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