Netflix makes it easier for parents to communicate with children

Netflix makes it easier for parents to communicate with children

You want service Netflix helps parents better understand what kids are watching with its so-called Kids Activity Report.

The new segmentation includes data about what kind of TV programs children watch most of the time, who their favorite character is, and recommendations for new shows based on their interests.

This week the service sent emails to customers who have accounts for children To let parents know that they can subscribe to the Kids Activity Report.

The report also comes with a daily joke, printable and coloring pages based on Netflix characters and shows, and pre-made questions to ask children based on their favorite show or character.

(Michelle Parsons) said Michelle Parsons, Who leads the innovation team for Netflix’s family products: We hope parents can better communicate with children through a comprehensive understanding of what they’re watching, even if they don’t want to see it themselves.

She added: Most parents follow what children like, but they don’t always know what these shows are about, what they are about, and what they are talking about.

The service explained that children’s accounts are for pre-school and pre-adolescents. Parents can withdraw from the report at any time.

Netflix has also rolled out a global test to set up the family account.

And unlike the normal account, the family account brings TV shows and movies that people can identify as suitable for the family, so that they appear under one account.

Netflix accounts are tailored around individual interestsThe algorithm learns what people watch and suggests recommended TV shows.

The family account uses reviews to fetch a number of different addresses that are prioritized and recommended based on those individual interests.

“The Family Account takes into account the viewing status that’s convenient for family audiences.

The service team communicates with members about what they want from the family account, andThe Family Account is rolled out today as part of the Global Test, while the Child Activity Report is also released in select markets as part of the Global Test.

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